BUKVALNI PREVOD (Poshalice dobijene emajlom)

„No yes stolen = Neda Ukraden

Yes to little cannon = Dado Topic

Edge except = Ivica Osim

Freeman Gentlefuck = Slobodan Milosevic

But I and brother-in-law escape = Alija Izetbegovic

Where are you sick = De si, bolan

Dark of the job = Taman posla

Axed myself very much = Mnogo sam se sekirao

Big knife tommorow = Kama Sutra

I am talking alone with the room = Pricam sam sa sobom

Edge and Police Van = Ivica i Marica

Fag Bag = Pederusa

What has? = Sta ima?

To whom feet wrappers, to whom Serbian peasant shoes = Kom obojci, kom opanci

Carry yourself = Nosi se

Lubricated behaviour = Ljigavo ponasanje

Liquid questions = Tekuca pitanja

Yes, little duck = Dapace

To take healthy for over = Uzeti zdravo za gotovo

Since the little legs = Od malih nogu

Small before = Malopre

Sea, brother = More bre

Only killer = Samoubica

Two eggs on eye = Dva jaja na oko

I divide your opinion = Delim vase misljenje

She is in second stage = Ona je u drugom stanju

On the face of the place = Na licu mesta

He is bright full stop = On je svetla tacka

He looped himself with her = Spetljao se sa njom

We were shooting from laughter = Pucali smo od smeha

He is not worth a pissing bean = Ne vredi ni pisljiva boba

To whom you this = Kome ti to

He is big stamp = On je velika marka

Out of clean peace = Iz cista mira

Let’s eat something from the legs = Da pojemo nesto s nogu

Photo-who-drinks = Fotokopije

The in-fall of little mouse = Upala misica

Who-chicken = Kopile

On-elephant = Naslon

Are-railway = Supruga

Treasure to you = Blago tebi

Fade, see, jokes = Veni, vidi, vici

Priest-singer = Pop-pevac

Everything is up and up = Sve je gore i gore

Eye colors long = Oci boje duge

Directed cheeking = Usmereno obrazovanje


Sarah is an ox = Sarajevo

He belongs to grandfather = Dedinje

Little bad city = Mali Losinj

New USA = Novi Sad

Castration City = Skoplje

Saturday city = Subotica

No cat = Nemacka

And that fox = Italija“